Holiday Gift Guide 2016

Its that time of year again! Time to start finding gifts for all the folks in our lives and time to send your parents a gift wish-list so you don’t end up with another decorative bowl. Here are a few of the things we think would be  great presents for any fitness lover! Checkout our 2015 and 2014 gift guides for more ideas!

sockspMerino Wool Socks . Wool running socks may sound super uncomfortable, but in fact, they are the best – soft, warm, moisture wicking, and odor repelling. These are a great holiday gift because they are warm and practical, but are a little pricier than you would normally buy yourself. I’ve been running in Smartwool socks for years,  but I hear that Darn Tough is a great brand too.   If you can afford it, merino wool active-wear of any sort makes a great gift  (base layers, sweatshirts, jackets, etc.), but they quickly get expensive , so socks are a good starting point at between $12 and $22 per pair.







thermosZojirushi Thermos. These guys are amazing! They will keep your hot drinks hot for hours and you can throw them into your bag without worrying about spilling because the top has a lock. I’ve had mine for three years now and it still works perfectly. I use it almost daily in the winter, but it really pays off after  winter races – I can fill it with hot chocolate at 6am before I leave the house, and it will still be piping hot at 11am  after I cross the finishline. Goes for $25-$27 on Amazon depending on the size you want.








headphonesBluetooth headphones. How many times have you pulled out your own headphones while running?! If you’re me than the answer is – every time. Every single time. Now I also have a baby who loves to pull on anything she can get her adorable fist around, so I need these more than ever. You can really go down a rabbit-hole of  tech reviews on these guys because there is a huge range of price and quality. These by Anker are the newest version of a pair that my fiance uses and recommends and they’re only about $40.







Running Jewelry. charms 
I have one of these necklaces that a friend gave me before my first marathon. I love how simple these charms are. You can wear these everyday and it’s like undercover wearing your medal. These are only $10 from the Abellablue Etsy shop and there are lots of other running jewelry ideas on Etsy if you have time to look around.






WOD Nation Speed Jump Rope. Jumping rope provides a wide range of benefits to runners and non runners alike. It promotes agility, coordination, focus, tones your oft neglected calves and allows you to channel your inner Rocky. I prefer a speed rope so I can practice double unders (the rope passes under your feet twice during a single jump). The ball bearing a speed rope allows for the rope to move more freely and therefore, faster. The WOD Nation rope is great because it’s adjustable so you can find the perfect fit before cutting, includes an extra rope in case you accidentally cut in the wrong place, extra ball bearings and a bag for storage. It also has a touch of customization since it’s available in NINE different colors. It’s available on Amazon Prime for $16.87.






Hyperwear Hyper PRO Unisex Weighted Vest. I love wearing a weighted vest. It makes me feel powerful, add a little extra umph to my leg days and double workouts (wear it for your first round then remove it for round two and you’re FLYING). I’ve also had a friend wear one on an athletic conditioning day that weighed as much as she had lost so far on her fitness journey. It reminded her of how far she had come. I’ve worn the Cross 101’s provided at camp, but the fit is generic and isn’t customizable. It moves A LOT, becomes very uncomfortable and causes bruises on the sides of my hips from this movement. The Hyper PRO vest is on my list this year because of the drawstring sides. My trainer has this one and said they keep the vest snug against your body so it eliminates some of the discomfort. This vest is $170 on Amazon, but being able to sweat in your own vest and not a communal one is well worth the investment.

What do you have on your holiday list? What’s your favorite fitness item of the year? What are we missing? Include it in the comments!

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