Raising My Bar

I’m in the middle of my holiday break and I spent a large portion talking about or thinking about my Burn Boot Camp family. We are beginning a 6 week challenge called Raise The Bar (RTB) where you are committing to pushing yourself further in all aspects of your training and fitness life. Tweaking your nutrition so it’s on point, being laser focused so you and your body can fully appreciate that it’s not a resolution. It’s a lifestyle. It’s a way for you to be healthy through the holidays, not let bad habits take charge and just do better. 
I have yet to commit to RTB. Not only did I visit my friends at a biergarten in NYC, I learned to make pieriogies with extended family AND Nicole is in town where we are enjoying all my town has to offer. Why commit if I know I can’t fully?

The issue here is that it’s something I NEED to do. I’ve had more than a few down days at camp in the past few months. My numbers are going the wrong way. I’ve gotten weaker (HOW THE F IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE??). I get in my head and convince myself that my workout is getting the better of me. “You’re only doing 30 min workouts now. What makes you think you can give 100 in a 45 min camp? You’re just too soft for this now.” 

I’ve almost cried. I’ve almost thrown up. BUT. I’ve never almost quit. 

The most important lesson Burn has taught me is that it IS hard, but that’s why we show up. We are there to be pushed to new levels. We are there to see what we’re made of. To see what we can improve upon. What we can do better. What we can do that we never imagined before (double unders, star jump burpees, basically anything Mike and Ginger tell you to do). We just need a little focus to become the best version of ourselves. 

So. While I’m enjoying the down time between the holidays, eating and drinking non-BBC approved things, I am also going to be raising my bar. I haven’t committed myself to this lifestyle to just take a pause when it’s convenient. I’ve done it for me to be the best me you’ve ever seen. 

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