JKR’s 2017 New Years Resolutions

2016 has been a crazy year for everyone. Let’s put that behind us and keep moving forward. 


  1. Start running again: I focused on getting healthy and letting my ankle heal on 2016, which meant little to no running. I spent the year getting stronger and making strength gains, but I want to make an effort to become a more well-rounded athlete. Since moving to NC in July I’ve run a few 5Ks, but have registered for a Spartan Sprint this year to step my cardio and stength game up a notch. I’ll need to train hard for this one, but I can’t wait. 
  2. Go to boot camp 200 times: One of my fellow 5am campers counted how many times she’s gone to camp over 2015 and 2016. I loved this idea. 200 averages out to be just below 4 times a week. With all my work travel, this seems to be a number I can attain, but still feel challenged. 
  3. Stretch: I don’t stretch, which is 99% why I’ve ended up in physical therapy for so many years. If I can make a habit of stretching (and going to yoga) it’ll make myself better and stronger. 
  4. Track my Macros for a Month: We are provided nutrition information at Burn Boot Camp and for best results and accountability YOU HAVE TO TRACK YOUR MARCOS. How much protein, carbs and fat are you eating? At what times? How does when you eat affect how you feel? How you train? I was really good at this for the first few weeks at BBC. I know if I track it again, I’ll stick to it and have better results. 
  5. Write it down: I started a journal when we moved and I want to make sure I continue to make an effort to keep this up. It’ll only serve as a good reminder of all the changes in my life when I look back on it once I’m older. 


  1. Sugar reduction –  oh boy.  I don’t even want to put this in writing because I don’t want anyone to hold me to this,  but I’m resolving to eat less sugar.  Like a lot less.  I can’t bring myself to say no sugar (and by sugar I mean candy),   but I should.  Ugh, OK, let’s make a deal: no candy between January 1st and my wedding on February 18th. OK? Deal.
  2.  Race a half marathon – I don’t know if I can PR,  but I’d like to set a goal to work toward.  I did the Rock N Roll Brooklyn in 2:33 so maybe next year I can get back under 2:15. It’ll take some work, but isn’t that the point?
  3. Cross train –  I did a way better job the past couple years of incorporating strength training into my workout regime and I’m resolving to keep it up and more.  I recently discovered a pool near me that has evening lap swim, and since I am terrible at getting in pre-work workouts since having a baby, I’m going to give evening swims a shot.
  4. Prioritize myself (sometimes) – I have had a hard time leaving my baby to workout because I have so little time with her. I’m not doing anyone any favors however, by skipping workouts because I get really cranky when I haven’t exercised in a while. In the coming year, I want to make sure I’m finding time regularly to take care of myself even if just in short sessions. I think my baby will thank me when my patience for random baby craziness increases the healthier I feel.


  1. Make Fitness a Priority – When it comes to working out, I am the worst at committing. I have never stuck to a training plan and I have made every excuse in the book for why I couldn’t get a workout in. This year, I want to become a healthy, happier me. I am resolving to do something active every day. Plus, I want my booty to look fantastic in my wedding dress this October.
  2. Eat Better – My diet isn’t terrible, but when I fall off the wagon, I tend to take a running leap, jump, skip, and tumble back into bad habits. My cheat day can last for a full week. My fiance recently brought up the idea of going Paleo. Paleo, known as the caveman diet, is an easy way to eliminate processed foods and refined sugars. We are committing to eat more veggies, fruits, and proteins – all the good stuff we should be eating anyway!
  3. Write it Down – I bought this awesome planner by Ink and Volt to help me balance work, wedding planning, social life, fitness routine, and healthy eating. This planner is great because it has space for you to write goals at a year, month, and week level and track your progress. If I write it down, I am 10x more likely to follow through and checking off a To-Do box is just so satisfying. My #1 January goal is to workout every day, even when traveling, to kick off 2017 right and develop healthy habits.

What are your fitness resolutions? Let us know and keep us p posted on your progress in 2017! Happy New Year fit friends!

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