Burn 365 – One Year Of Burn Boot Camp

365 days. What can you do in 365 days?

Our First Camp as Members!

I’ve been attending Burn Boot Camp now for a full year. Not since training for the NYC Triple Crown have I ever stuck with a fitness routine this long, and even then, there were medals involved. It all started with a 30 day GroupOn. Kristin and I walked in on our first day and I immediately started sweating. I was nervous. I was scared. I thought I was going to die and I loved it.

My lifestyle has changed. I feel stronger. More confident. I understand more about nutrition, my body, how it responds to what I feed it. I regularly TRY (and succeed) to drink a gallon of water a day. After my first month at camp, I wrote about how I was doing things I never thought possible, or had heard of. This is now taken to another level. I can do wall stands (handstands along a wall – not up for free standing just yet), double unders (when you jump rope and the rope passes under your feet twice during one jump), wear a weighted vest almost every leg day (#LegDayVestDayBestDay). I have a family there that pushes me to lift heavier, run faster and jump higher. To eat cleaner and make healthier choices. To value every drop of sweat that pours off me. To be more focused and purposeful at the gym, try harder, celebrate every little success along the way.







My physical results may not be overly impressive, but my clothes fit differently. I was able to get over short walls without help in the Spartan. I see muscles that I didn’t realize were there before (my shoulder flex game is on point!).

Overall, I’ve lost 15lbs and 3.7% body fat.

I love my life and what Burn has given to me. Here’s to another 365.

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