Qalo Ring Review: Stackable vs. Traditional

Stackables vs. Original

I’ve been in love with my Qalo ring for years, so when they launched their stackables and I immediately wanted them. I already owned four traditional Qalo rings (I’ve since lost two) and knew I couldn’t keep buying rings. So I did what any normal person would do, I asked for them for my birthday.

I received a twisted aquamarine ring, a white quartz step and a pink topaz chevron that I wear in that order. I had a few concerns about the rings:

Comfort: The sizing is slightly different. My original ring is a 7 (my wedding rings are a 6.5) so I ordered the same size in these. When I first tried them on, they were tight. When I wear them and get good and sweaty though, they can get so loose they spin; quite the opposite of what I expected since my hands swell when I get warm. Also, by the obvious nature of wearing 3 rings, my first few wears were uncomfortable. I’m not used to wearing rings that far up on my finger as my actual wedding bands sit lower/closer to the bottom of my ring finger. As I wore them more often, they became more comfortable. One part I’m still getting used to: putting them on. They turn over on themselves easier than my original and get twisted onto each other. A few seconds is all you need to put them all in the right order and where they belong.


Qalo Stackables in Action

Chafing: I sweat like a champion. I’m one of those people that has sweat dripping off of them one minute into the warm up. So, I was very worried that sweat would get under the multiple rings and cause skin irritation/chafing. I have the joy of having eczema that breaks out on my hands. This was an issue when I first got engaged and again later after we got married. I am happy to say that I had no skin reactions or chafing from my stackables.

Wearability: This is where I’m having some reservations. I’ve often worn my OG Qalo ring in the shower, cleaning, doing chores, sometimes even to work because it was so comfortable. The textures of the three make it a rough surface, so if you use bar soap in the shower, expect to get build up around and in between them. Sometimes I’d look down and almost a hunk of my bar soap would be left behind, attached to my rings. I’ve played with the order of the rings to see if that helped (placed the chevron in the middle with the step ring closest to my knuckle), but it made no difference. A pro tip I received from my sister: don’t wear the white ring in chlorine. It can turn yellow. I also make sure not to wear it when I’m cooking with tomato sauce or anything of that nature. I’m not sure if the ring will actually change colors, but I don’t want to find out.

Price: My original Qalo ring is priced at $24.95. The stackables are $9.95 for 3 or more or $11.95 individually. These are actually a better deal, 3 rings for slightly more than the price of one!

These are clearly made for the fashionable wearer or someone who likes the feeling of two (or three) thinner bands. It more closely mimics what most of us wear in our daily lives. I can’t say yet that I like these rings more than my original, but I like that I have more options to what I wear. They add a little more fun to my athletic wardrobe and I can definitely see myself wearing the white ring only (a little less obvious than my teal rings) to a construction trade show for work.

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