Love Your Sports Bra

Do you love your sports bra? Do you search for the perfect bra to make your boobs behave during your runs?   Do you even think about how important your sports bra is to your athletic life?  If you’re a lady and you spend any time being active, you probably own one. I always took my sports bras for granted, until I was pregnant and suddenly was running larger boobs. I have friends who have always known the importance of finding the right sports bra, cost be damned, to tame the tatas. I have friends who forgo the cost of fancier sports bras for big busted women,  and wear two regular support sports bras one on top of the other as a sport bra hack.  This week’s episode of the podcast 99% Invisible is for all of us.

The episode is called The Athletic Brassiere and you’ll learn a little about the history of the “jogging bra,” and how important sports bras are for keeping girls and women healthy and engaged in athletic activities.

Check it out! 

The episode was originally part of a podcast from Outside Magazine found here

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