Even more security at this year’s NYC Marathon. 

Spectating in Style

It’s the greatest weekend in the world: NYC Marathon Weekend!

If you’ve ever run or spectated at this race before, you know the security measures are already high, and this year, in the wake of this week’s terrorist attack in the city, security will be even higher.

NPR reported about the increased measures and they include more plain clothes and uniformed police, more sand trucks along the course (to prevent drivers from entering the race path), and more roof top observers.

The practical effect for runners will probably be small, as security at the start village was always very high. Reread the rules about what you can bring into the village before you pack your bag (your clear plastic bag), because security will not hesitate to take your stuff if it’s prohibited.

For spectators, I’m guessing that you’ll see more police walking the course and possibly vehicles blocking access to the course. Spectators are what make this marathon the best marathon ever (in my unbiased opinion), so i hope no one is discouraged from coming out Sunday to cheer. If you are going to be out there, as Sirrah will, be smart.

If possible, don’t bring a bag with you; the fewer random bags on the ground the fewer random bags for security to worry about.

Stay off the course! If you’re cheering in an area where you can stand right on the street, stay back. The police will come by what will feel like a million times to ask you to back up: just listen. It keeps the runners safer if there aren’t a bunch of dummies in their path.

Be aware of your surroundings. This is always a good idea in New York, but particularly at a huge event like the marathon. Have fun or there everyone and if you’re going to cheer, check out our tips for spectators!

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