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HI, I am Sirrah.  I live in Astoria and work in lower Manhattan. I run primarily in Astoria park, Central Park, and the NYSC treadmills. I am not a morning person so getting out of bed to run is torture every time. I started running in 2007 when I made up my mind to run all 3.5 miles of the Corporate Challenge with my co-workers. At that point I could not run a mile.

Since then, I’ve done 20 half marathons (over 8 different races), 3 marathons (all ING NYC), 2 Olympic distance triathlons (both NYC), and a bunch of other 1-10 mile races. Races are super important to me as a lazy person because I’d rather lie in bed than run, so the specter of my next race is often the only thing that gets me up and moving.

My PRs: (so far)
5K: 28:15
10K: 59.25
Half: 1:58:36
Marathon: 4:29:31
Olympic Tri: 3:24:11

fire nic

Hi there! I’m Nicole!

Former reluctant runner turned enthusiast. Previously, I ran only when mandatory, like the mile for physical fitness tests.. in high school.. I started dabbling in running for distance about a year ago when Katie forced me to suggested I sign up for a half. Now, I will run for swag or kitschy themes. Did I mention the half’s medal was a Tiffany’s necklace?
Hobbies: Cooking, Camping, trying to convince my boyfriend that proposing with a puppy is a fantastic idea that should be considered seriously
My PRs: (so far)
5K: 34:34
10K: 1:12:38
Half: 2:45:03





543123_10100467609089836_1568849151_nMy name is Katie Mozeleski (formerly Katie White). I live in Hoboken and work in New York City in Marketing. I ran my first mile in August 2008, first 5K in October 2009 (Community for Schools Trick or Treat Trot in Wilmington, NC), first half marathon in 2010 (Rock n Roll Chicago), first marathon in 2011 (Marine Corps Marathon in DC) and first Olympic Triathlon in 2013 (Aquafor NYC Tri). Over the past 4 years I have become extremely involved in the running community and credit the sport for my optimistic outlook on life. I truly believe that you can change your entire day or life by working towards a fitness goal.

My PRs: (so far)
5K: 27:28
10k: 55:54
Half Marathon: 2:04:52
Marathon: 4:49:43
Olympic Triathlon: 3:18:29

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